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Michael H. Girolami, M.D.
Catherine A. Chimenti, M.D.
Arnold W. Goldschlager, M.D.

Cardiology - Internal Medicine

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Seton Medical Center:

Ralph Boucher, M.D.

Patty Cavero, M.D.

Cathy Chimenti, M.D.

James Feeney, M.D.

Thomas Feeney, M.D.

Michael Girolami, M.D.

Arnold Goldschlager, M.D.

Felix Millhouse, M.D.

Dan O'Neill, M.D.

David Vaughan, M.D.


The practice of cardiovascular medicine has become highly focused and intensive over the last few years. None of us can do our work in a vacuum; we are dependant on close interaction with our colleagues, office staff, technicians, and hospitals.

We are fortunate to be living in an area where excellent hospitals have maintained very high standards of staffing and technical expertise. Our practice has been associated with both Seton Medical Center and Mills-Peninsula Hospital for nearly thirty years. This is important to our patients, since as cardiologists, we depend on our hospitals to provide the best possible catheterization labs, ultrasound equipment, cardiovascular surgery, as well as technical and nursing staff.

In the last three decades, the treatment of coronary artery disease has intensified radically. Thirty years ago, the best treatment for heart attacks was bed rest for three weeks in the hospital following by a long period of recuperation. Now, we have the ability to emergently intervene in acute coronary occlusions, quickly re-opening blood vessels to the heart, such that the amount of heart muscle injured is dramatically reduced. Our efforts have been rewarded with excellent outcomes, but it could only have been accomplished with teamwork.

In order to provide 24 hours of coverage, 7 days per week, the cardiologists listed on this page, have organized complex on-call schedules to be sure that these emergent services are available to our patients at all time. The cardiologists at Seton Medical Center are listed here for your information.


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